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us USD 41,510

New Jersey
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Volvo S60 2019 Automatic

us USD 41,510

Volvo S60 2019 Automatic


Volvo Dealership in Hawthorne NJ - Paul's Volvo At Paul's Volvo, we are the premier Volvo dealership in Hawthorne NJ. We have an expansive inventory of the latest Volvo models as well as a stellar fleet of certfied pre-owned Volvo vehicles that you can choose from. You can also enquire about auto financing options or get OEM Volvo spare parts at the most competitive rates or send your car in for scheduled servicing at our dealership. What's more, we have an exciting range of Volvo special deals that you will love. Visit us today and get ready to be impressed by our client-first approach!

Location information

country: us United States

State / Region: New Jersey

Postal Code: 07506


USD 41,510

Basic information of the car

Condition: New

Year: 2019

Mileage: 0

Colour: Gray

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