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us USD 2,500

California - San Pedro

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Honda Accord 2010 Automatic

us USD 2,500

Honda Accord 2010 Automatic

2,500 USD


Accord EX-L and Power moonroof. The Crippen Auto Mall EDGE!... STOP! ...Read this! ***LEATHER & POWER MOONROOF***Fully inspected and detailed. This terrific 2010 Honda Accord is the gas-saving vehicle you've been hunting for. This car will allow you to dominate the road with style and get outstanding gas mileage while you're at it...big on efficiency whether that means getting the most power and range from a gallon of gas delivering the most interior space for the exterior dimensions or providing the smoothest quietest ride and highest level of crash protection with the least weight..." We'll make it easy. We'll make it quick. To make things easier for you we provide you with as much information as we can upfront so you can make an educated decision; Give us a try today! Via Whats-app +12148140362

Basic information of the car

Condition: Excellent

Year: 2010

Mileage: 59,187

Colour: Gray

Style coupe

Type of unit fwd

Transmission Automatic

cylinders 4

Location information

country: us United States

State / Region: California

City, province: San Pedro

Postal Code: 90001

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